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About Southern Tee Golf Course...

The course opened spring 2002, but the dream and design began long before.


Doug Jarrett (owner/operator) was raised in Fletcher on the land where the golf course is located. The Jarrett family used the land for farming and had a u-pick vegetable farm which they ran from 1975-1997. Doug helped out with the family farm until he went on to N.C. State University to graduate with a B.S. degree in Agronomy. It was there he decided to turn his family’s farm into a golf course and practice facility. Prior to graduating, Doug designed the golf course and began the year and a half process of pulling permits for construction. He then graduated in 1999 and immediately continued to tie up all the permits for construction.


Once the permits were in place, Doug purchased a used dump truck and trackhoe to move approximately a thousand loads of dirt to raise up the existing greens. He then began trenching the 64 acres of land for the irrigation pipe. Doug layed what seemed like an insurmountable pile of pipe and 7½ miles of wire that went into our current irrigation system. Doug was a quick learner and was able to teach himself how to operate the dump truck, backhoe, and track hoe and owes this to the grace of God and a grandfather that seemed to be good at “figuring things out.” After about a year and a half of groundwork, Doug along with his close friend Charles “Tripp” Cavender finished construction of

all 19 greens.


In 2005 Doug sprigged all the fairways in Bermuda and has had continued success with growing them in. Doug Jarrett continues to improve and run the golf course along with his wife and their two kids. If you come by, your likely to run into one of them or possibly all four.


Doug and his family have put all their hard work into this facility and hope you not only love your experience there, but come back and hopefully find your new “golf home.”

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